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To fulfill the wide range of requirements of the customers, Neptune Metals takes care of each and every process during manufacturing and transporting to the customers at their site.

We facilitate our customers with the two main services.

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation


Rock stone is well blasted and fine graded and removed with metallic/un-crushable pieces. It is kept dry as an un-segregated homogeneous as “blasted feed” without clays and other deleterious materials. No fraction is taken out and manually broken. The material is kept free from contamination of Clay, Wood, Glass, Plastic, Metal, Iron pieces refuge, etc.

We use tentative Crushers to adjust at the site as per product requirement and selected after the material testing. And the Screen Apertures we use are tentative to deliver the customer expected outcome based on their requirement. Media selection may undergo change based on screen performance at the site.


We do provide transportation as part of our services to handover the material to the client. After the completion of manufacturing process, the material is undergone testing and get confirmed by the customer. Then we at neptune metals provide transport facility and supply whole material at the client site.

We facilitate our clients, either to make use of their own transportation or handle to us to deliver at the client site.

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